Acupuncture for Pain
Acupuncture for Pains

Acupuncture has been practiced in China and other Asian countries
for thousands of years. Relatively few complications have been
reported from the use of acupuncture. However, acupuncture can
cause potentially serious side effects if not delivered properly by a
qualified practitioner. Acupuncture became better known in the
United States in 1971, when New York Times reporter James
Reston wrote about how doctors in China used needles to ease his
pain after surgery.  A survey in 2002 showed that an estimated 8.2
million U.S. adults had ever used acupuncture, and an estimated 2.1
million U.S. adults had used acupuncture in the previous year.

Acupuncture is commonly used for pain conditions related to:

Osteoarthritis and joint pains
Neck pain and carpal tunnel syndrome
Migraine and other headaches
Tennis and Golfers elbow
Irritable bowels and gastric spasm
Menstrual and PMS related pains
Lower back pain and hip pain
Sciatica and neuropathy
Sport and accident injuries

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A fine needle is inserted with minimal or no pain
The Chart shows acupuncture treatment for
headache, published several hundreds years
ago in China