Specialized in
Traditional Chinese Acupuncture & Herbs
Dr. Li is a Licensed Physician and Acupuncturist,
Herbalist, board-certified Pathologist and
Dermatopathologist. He has been practicing,
teaching and doing research on traditional
Chinese medicine for more than 25 years. Dr. Li
earned Bachelor of Chinese Medicine from
Liaoning College of Traditional Chinese
Medicine, China, and practiced there for several
years. He subsequently obtained MS from Illinois
State University and a PhD in Molecular
Immunology from the University of Illinois at
Urbana-Champaign. He has completed resident
training at North Shore University Hospital and
fellowship training at Ackerman Academy-
Columbia University. Dr. Li has received several
Research Awards, Grants, and 4 issued US
patents. He also serves as a member for several
expert committees at National Institute of Health.
Currently, Dr. Li practices integrated medicine
and focuses on managing patients with
traditional Chinese medicine including
acupuncture and herbs. The feature of his
practice is “Western diagnosis and Eastern
Commonly Treated
Conditions at the Clinic
Pains and related conditions
Depression & low energy
Infertility for women & men
Cancer care
Skin conditions
and more
Dr Yong Ming Li
Trained and practices in both
Traditional Chinese Medicine &
Western Medicine for many years
About Dr Li
Yong Ming Li, MD, PhD, LAc