Recommend Individualized Herbal Formulas
Herbal Medicine in traditional Chinese medicine
describes formulae which are made from the
roots, stems, bark, leaves, seeds or flowers of
many plants, as well as some mineral and animal

The herbs are usually decocted into a soup. Some
come in ready-prepared pill or powder, called
“patent” herbal remedies. The herbal medicine is
usually taken in the form of a “recipe” called a
prescription. To make up a prescription, a
practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine
carefully blends together a number of herbs which
have specific functions.

Most Chinese medicinal herbs are regarded as
dietary supplements in the USA. So far, there is no
FDA-approved medicinal herb as a drug (herbal
medicine) in this category.  Therefore,
customers/patients should not expect to have
“prescription” of herbs for the treatment or
diagnosis of diseases. This clinic will only provide
consultations for the use of herbs/herbal products
as dietary supplement.
Specific Herbal Consultation
Individualized formulas only
Traditional Chinese style
Multiple herbs, freshly prepared
High quality from GMP facility
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Chinese Medicinal Herbs
Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine