Fees & Insurance

Service Requirement:
Patients need to pay fees at service.

Fee Standard:

Examination and consulting fee: $65
Acupuncture fee: $85 (including all types of acupuncture treatments)
Herbs and herbal products: at cost plus shipping

Typical charge per visit:

First visit fees: $150 (including examination, consulting, and acupuncture)
Second visit and after: $85 (including acupuncture and consulting)

Form of payment:

Personal check or cash

We do not bill insurance company directly. It is patient’s responsibility to check
with their own insurance company for the coverage of fees for physician visit and
acupuncture treatment.  We will provide all necessary billing information for
insurance filing or tax exemption. Please inform your insurance company that the
acupuncture service is provided by a licensed physician (Dr. Li, MD).